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The 3 most common products liability claims are:

1. Manufacturing defect: Where during manufacturing, the quality of materials or workmanship was low.

2. Design defect: Where the design of the product itself is dangerous, useless, or has other effects that are dangerous.

3. A failure to warn (marketing defects): Where a product has dangerous characteristics that are not obvious and that the user isn't warned of to prevent injury.

Product Liability

Most products are designed with safety in mind and pose no unusual risk to the people who may use them. However, sometimes a product poses a special risk that can result in severe injuries or death. Defective and hazardous conditions can exist in products such as machinery, tools, toys, foods, household appliances, automobiles, medical devices, and prescription drugs, just to name a few. Dodson Law Firm, LLC represents people who have been injured by defective products.


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